Ballardvale Cafe

Ballardvale Cafe  started in the historic district of Ballardvale 
in Andover, Massachusetts. It signature baked good is Sharron's         
famous Scones. Sharron Tirone is the owner of the Ballardvale Cafe and holds the secret to great scones that keep customers coming back.

Along with scones Ballardvale Cafe offers Breakfast Sandwiches, Home Baked Lunch Specials, delicious sandwiches, soups ... and baked goods that will finish any meal with a delighted pallet. 

You can enjoy the original Ballardvale Cafe at 195 Andover Street in Andover.

Before you go call and see what specials are happening at the Cafe!   978-749-2999

We were very excited about our second location and had made some new friends. Unfortunately, Paul fell in the parking area and broke his shoulder and the repair period was too long to sustain the shop, so closing it was decided upon.